A Farmer Owned Cooperative Since 1992

Heartland Corn Products History

Heartland Corn Products was formed in 1992 as a farmer-owned cooperative. Production began in May 1995, as a 10,000,000 gallon per year (36MM liters) facility. While improving performance and efficiencies is an ongoing effort, Heartland has experienced three major expansions since 1995. In 1997 the plant grew to 19MM gallons per year, and a 2001 expansion took it to 35MM gallons per year. In 2005, Heartland began construction on a separate 50,000,000 gallon plant located adjacent to the original. Operational in December 2006, this new plant is currently producing in excess of 70MM gallons per year. Heartland Corn Products produces in excess of 100MM gallons (250MM liters) annually.


Heartland Corn Products is structured as a closed cooperative association, requiring ownership of shares in the company prorated to the amount of grain marketed thru the company. The basic business model is that farmers/producers deliver corn; the company processes the corn, markets the products, and pays the producer the value of the products less the costs of operations and debt service.

Membership Requirements

Own a minimum of 5,000 shares and a farmer/producer of corn.

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